March 13, 2012

felt food making-strawberries

Last summer I had a grand idea to make a few pieces of felt food a week for Ella. I was hoping that by Christmas I'd have a rather large selection to give to her along with the play kitchen we made for her (more on that project later). So I started making felt food. LOTS of it. I managed to take pictures of ALL of it, so I'll share one food at a time. 
It was a lot of work, but very much worth it. Ella loves to play with it, and I'm hoping that these will hold up to pass down to the next kid (whenever that it) and maybe even their kids!

First up, and perhaps my favorite of the bunch...Strawberries!
If you're interested in making your own felt food I'd suggest Googleing it. There are a million patterns for great felt foods.

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  1. So very cute! I think I'll be giving this a go!