July 13, 2011

{sewing for others- the color keeper}

Man, July is one VERY busy month as far as birthdays are concerned. Family alone we have 3 (including mine!!) and there are numerous friends who's birthday's fall this month as well. For a very special three year old friend (Happy Birthday Zoie!) I sewed up a special birthday gift. I call it the Color Keeper! This special tote holds 2 coloring books and 22 crayons for easy toting around and safe crayon keeping. Take a look:

I drafted my own pattern for this project, really I just winged the measurements from a standard coloring book, adding seam allowances, crayon pockets, and handles. Overall, it was an easy project and didn't give me any headaches (rarely does that happen when I'm working without a pattern!) 

I put two pearl snaps on each top corner to keep the tote closed. Originally, I wanted to use velcro but I was a little short on my measuring and my seam allowances so there wasn't enough room for a velcro strip, instead I opted for the snaps, which work great!

22 individual pockets for crayons, and two larger pockets (one on each side) for coloring books. 

I put two sturdy, double re-inforced handles on it for easy carrying, and I think it just turned out so darling! I hope the birthday girl likes it!

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