July 30, 2010

Abstract Grace on Etsy!!!

Ok, so this I am suuuuuuper excited to announce! Abstract Grace now (finally) has items in theEtsy store! And they are super adorable. I've been working hard to get them finished, and with a newborn in the house it took a little longer than expected, but I think you'll find that it was worth the wait. All items are handmade for women, children, and baby. You'll find hair accessories, baby goods, and items for most everyone! Check it out!

You can also find us on Facebook, Here.


  1. absolutely DARLING! If I had a girl, I'd buy one of each. Now for women, do you make any of the hair accessories for big heads? I have a huge head.

  2. of course, big heads are always welcome! hehe. (I have a rather large one too). Remember, clips can be attached to headbands also. More bang for the buck, and sizes fit newborn-adult.