February 8, 2009

{Baking, Wishing...}

I usually bake 1-2 times per week. A variety of things, cookies, cup cakes, frosting, breads, muffins, you name it. It's a sickening hobby. Sickening to my stomach, that is. While I do have quite a collection of cookie cutters and such I am always on the lookout for unique baking supplies. My dream job, create yummy things full time. Then I would be able to put all the fun things I come across to actual good use (instead of my own consumption) These amazing items are on my "wish list" of baking. The photos and items are from Bake It Pretty and you can bet i'll be ordering them.  

1. A gnome cookie cutter. 
(I would love to make a small army of these out of my favorite sugar cookie dough.)

2. My hands down favorite, petit pine cone cupcake toppers.

3. The cutest deer family cupcake toppers.

4. Some beautiful paper baking cups. 

Bon Appetite!

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