January 25, 2009

{New Favorites}

I know its been months since I last posted but the holiday/new year proved to be a VERY busy one for my husband and I. We visited nearly 5 states in a 4 week span, covering the East coast back home to the West. It's safe to say that I almost went insane without completing one single Christmas/New Year project, but I vowed to myself that would be the last holiday without some type of crafty intervention. 

Now that I am back home and settling into the new year (can you believe that it's 2009 already!) i'm ready to start into some much overdue projects. Also, I have been designing and decorating my new work space (craft/sewing/office) and it is really coming together. Believe me, trying to use a x-acto knife on your coffee table doesn't go over well with the husband. But now, this new amazing space has been created for me and I can't wait to show you. That'll show up in a later post. 

Onto the purpose of this post, I have been acquiring a few new tools to add to my collection and ditching the ones that are in dire need of replacement. A few of my new favs are from the Martha Stewart Craft line at Michael's (of course). They include the 18" self-healing cutting mat. (No more marks on the coffee table!) and, just in time for valentines day, the cutest heart shaped hole punch. 

Who knew you could hole punch anything but a circle? Where has this been all my life? Seriously, the cutest and most fun tool i've used in quite some time. 

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