October 25, 2011

wiww-kiddo halloween edition

I thought i'd share a few full pictures of Ella's halloween costume today for What I Wore Wednesday, we'll call it a special halloween kid edition. If you want to see the step by step progression of how I crocheted her hat click here.

She'll wear brown leggings and her pink crocs to complete the look. It was a very easy DIY on the shirt portion (cut feather shapes, stagger layer and hot glue/sew them on), and the best part it cost me NOTHING to make! I had all the supplies on hand and used a hand me down shirt which had a stain on the front as the base of the top. 

Those are my favorite and most satisfying type of projects to do, the ones that are cheap and cute. I can't wait to see her in it. I can only hope she keeps the hat on for longer than 5 minutes. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

pleated poppy


  1. OMG...i just noticed that your daughters middle name is june....my daughters is too! don't hear that real often. ;)

    your owl costume is super cute! my daughter is going to be an owl too. i used a cream hoodie that i had on hand to make her feathery torso. i however did not knit a hat....that is adorable!

  2. @ Mandy, how funny! you don't hear that name very often. We named her after June Carter Cash (we're big Johnny Cash fans around here). It's such a sweet name. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh I love this costume! I heart the color combo and the hat is just AMAZING!!

  4. What a cute costume. Love the hat, I made the kids owl costumes last year inspire by the Pottery barn ones but this one is so much easier. My little one will be wearing his costume again because he didn't' get to go trick or treating last year since he spent the morning in the e/r.

  5. I DIYed an owl costume for my daughter too! Yours is so adorable - what a fun color combo.:)

  6. Adorrrrrre this! It is so darn cute!!